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RedFront Supermarket in Harrisonburg VA website re-design

Joel West, our Director of Design here at Found Design + Interactive, takes the time and attention-to-detail that is necessary for each of our clients to look their best on the web. Not satisfied with designing website templates only, the team at Found works just as hard making the content shine through, by adding custom graphics, javascript and Flash widgets, and creating video for each of our projects.

We specialize in our ability to create custom designs for clients like Cedar Valley Rustics, who need a broad range of marketing services for their very unique products.

Custom Applications, Mobile & E-commerce

We have diverse options when it comes to building out a website for your business. Ranging from off-the-shelf hosted solutions, customizing open-source software, to a custom developed application, we can meet your needs in-house.

The first option is our standard CMS & E-commerce platform called Business Catalyst (owned and operated by Adobe, the software giant behind Photoshop and more). BC is great for small businesses with a standard set of needs for their business, such as e-commerce, email marketing campaigns, website analytics, community forums, blogs, payment gateways to downloadable content, and of course a content management system for your entire website. See full video tutorials of the BC package.

The next option is downloading and customizing any open-source package. While WordPress and Joomla are options, our preferred packages include Expression Engine, Magento E-commerce, SpreeCommerce (an open-source Ruby on Rails system), and the Boonex Dolphin Community Builder.

Our other option is to build you a customized solution starting from a popular web framework, like Ruby on Rails, or Node.js. We have developers skilled in PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET, Javascript, Flash Actionscript, and HTML/CSS for web application development. We also provide programming services for iPhone, iPad, and Android Platforms (Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile devices coming soon).

Internet Marketing & Advertising

For many of our clients, the work is only beginning after a website design and launch. Promotion is needed to maximize the amount of traffic to your website, and to increase qualified leads for any business endeavor.

We offer assistance and training in advertising on Google Search with Google's AdWords. Training classes as well as full service management is available without commission fees. We can be as hands-on as our clients need.

What makes us different?

At Found Design + Interactive, award-winning web design skills are married to cutting edge application development to create great businesses. We provide a range of services starting with internet marketing and search engine advertising campaigns, including website redesign services for those with outdated websites that need an infusion of something that will actually work for your business and drive the bottom line in a measurable way. We have our offices in Harrisonburg, VA, and we serve clients all over Virginia and the USA. We stay on the cutting edge of mobile platform development with iPhone and Android application programming services.
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Latest Site Launch

Dayton Farmers Market is a diverse building with 23 unique shops and thousands of interesting products. The shop owners can update their own website on our CMS, and track customer requests, manage sale items, add photos and videos, and more.

Posted on November 25, 2010
Visit Dayton Farmers Market in Virginia

We launched a new website for Laconiko Olive Oil in September. The site is built on our CMS and allows Laconiko to manage their content, track customer data, and manage their ever-growing list of stores and suppliers.

Posted on September 15, 2010
Visit Laconiko Olive Oil

We launched a new website for Cedar Valley Rustic Furniture in August. The site is built on our CMS and Ecommerce Platform and allows them to manage their content, take orders, and track customer data.

Posted on August 31, 2010
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